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I am really sorry you feel that way. I personally loved your stories and thought that you posted a lot considering that you are only one writing these. I m pretty sad now you were my favorite blog of this kind but I understand what you mean. :/

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Hey just wondering when you would update again

I most likely won’t be. Writing these stories isn’t something I really enjoy anymore to be completely honest.

When I first started this blog I had a small group of people who loved the stories. I got lots of feedback, people told me what they liked and didn’t like, gave me ideas, used to message me just to chat or to roleplay, all that stuff.

Now I have over 1000 followers on tumblr, which is huge in my eyes, and the whole thing has become extremely negative. Now the only messages I receive here, on kik, on yahoo, etc, are all full of entitled whining. People get down right pissed that I don’t write a story every day, or haven’t updated this story yet, or I won’t write their creepy story about a 5yo fucking a dog. I just don’t enjoy it anymore.

Fact is, this doesn’t feel like something I WANT to do anymore. It’s no longer a hobby. For weeks I was telling myself “I need to write something so people will be happy”, and that’s wrong. This blog isn’t my job, I don’t get paid for writing. It’s supposed to be a hobby, and hobbies are supposed to be something you enjoy doing. Fact it, I just don’t enjoy it anymore. People are just….dicks.

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Hey, not sure if you are into incest comics but if you are I thought you might want to check out Jab Comix. It's always been a place i've enjoyed indulging my incest fetish. The 8muses is a place you can see all of it for free. I tried to include a link but apparently you can't do that anywho... My personal favorites are Ay Papi, My Hot ass Neighbor, and Farm Lessons. Hit me back and let me know what you think!

Jab Comix is definitely something I’ve seen quite a bit of and enjoy. As far as 8muses, I’ve read almost everything on that site. I love incest comics as long as the art isn’t lazy and the narrative isn’t terrible.

Some of my favorites come from crazyxxx3dworld but unfortunately I’ve only ever been able to find pieces of those comics here and there, never the full things.

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Would you ever consider having sex with someone "underage" like in your stories?

I don’t really have a straight yes or no answer for this question, so I’ll try to explain without being too complex or impossible to understand as I do so.

At the moment, no, I would not have sex with a minor, I will be turning 27 years old before the end of the month, so sleeping with someone ‘illegal’ at my age is definitely a no-no.

At the same time though, I have technically had sex with a minor as an adult. The first ‘real’ relationship that I was in lasted for three years, and was with a girl 3 years younger than me. We started dating when I was a senior in high school and she was a freshmen. In the beginning of our relationship I was 18 and she was 15, so technically I slept with a minor?

Also, I think in most states 17 is the legal age of consent, and in some even as young as 16 can consent to sex, so it those ages wouldn’t actually be a problem. Obviously I don’t know every state law so some could be higher or lower, I’m not positive.

Hope that answer was good enough.

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Please do more of the Thomson family, I'm so intrigued to find out what happens next!

Unfortunately I think the Thompson Family story is dead. I’m not sure how I feel about writing in first person and I really didn’t get much feedback from it so….yeah.

Christmas Cousins - Part 1

Like every Christmas Arnold’s aunt and uncle were coming down from New York and spend the week. Unlike the past two years though, his younger cousin Abby was due to come as well. Typically his uncle let Abby go with his ex-wife, Abby’s mother, to see that side of the family, but this year she was coming. Arnold was both excited and a little aggravated about being able to see his younger cousin. On the one hand he hadn’t seen Abby in years, and they used to be quite close when they were younger, afterall Abby was only two years younger than Arnold. On the other hand though, Abby coming meant Arnold had to share his room for the week. What kind of self-respecting nineteen year old has to share his room with someone?

Christmas itself went as can be expected in any family Arnold assumed. People opened presents, gave the obligatory ‘thank you’ as they set aside gifts they probably didn’t actually want, and everyone even managed to get through Christmas dinner without too much arguing about things. Everyone seemed to have a textbook holiday, except for Arnold that is.

Three years had passed since Arnold had last seen Abby, and he hadn’t even thought about the impact going from fourteen to seventeen would have on a young girl. That is until he realized halfway into the post-dinner TV watching that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He’d been basically staring at her since she arrived this morning. Abby was always attractive he guessed, but he’d always just seen her as the goofy girl that followed him around everywhere. Now though, as he sat with his legs over the side of a Lay-Z-Boy recliner and her on the couch beside her father, it finally kicked in exactly how hot Abby had truly become.

Abby had always been the tomboy type, even as kids she was more likely to be jumping in puddles and catching frogs than Arnold was. T-shirts and jeans, and almost always short hair, Abby could have almost passed for a boy when they were young. Even at fourteen, when he’d last seen her she barely showed any signs physically of being a young woman. Now though, now there was a difference.

Somewhere around five foot seven, Abby’s hair was as red as a brand new ferrari, and came down well past her shoulders, obviously dyed it was a strange change of pace from her natural blonde. Her eyes were still the familiar shade of hazel he remembered, but the biggest change Arnold noticed from their years apart was her body, and the way she was dressed. Abby didn’t have that tomboy body anymore, instead she had a beautiful pair of C-cup breasts, which she also seemed to know were quite the sight by her choice to wear just a red tank top. The straps to her matching red bra were never lined up with the straps to the top. Her legs and firm rear were wrapped tight inside a pair of light blue jeans that actually seemed one size too small. Arnold obviously fantasized that if her hair was red, top was red, and bra were red, it would be a good bet her panties were red as well.

“I think I’m gonna head up and grab a shower and hit the hay”, Arnold said as he climbed up out of the chair and gave everyone a wave.

Convinced that a hot shower would help clear his mind regarding his cousin he prepared just that. He closed both doors to the bathroom, the bathroom itself being set between his and his sister’s rooms, and turned on the water. After a few minutes of adjusting water temperatures and stripping he stepped in and happily accepted the shower of warm water that began to crash against his chest. It wasn’t long before Arnold managed to push his cousin out of his mind. He chose instead to focus on his plans for the rest of winter break, lots of sleeping in, naps, video games, goofing off with friends, the usual.

Satisfied with his level of cleanliness Arnold stepped out of the shower and quickly dried off, wrapping the towel around his waist and scooping up his dirty clothes to toss them into the hamper. Making sure to unlock the door leading to his sister’s room, he did the same with his own door and stepped into his room, which had somehow had the light shut off. Leaving the bathroom light on to gain some sight he made his way to the wall beside his bedroom door and flipped the light one once again, revealing Abby lying in his bed, everything from her breasts down covered in his navy blanket.

“I hope you don’t mind, Aunt Carla said I’d be sleeping in here tonight, and I’d really rather not sleep on a floor”, she said, sitting up on her palms to look at Arnold.

“Oh…u-uh, y-yeah of course that’s totally cool”, Arnold answered.

He made his way to his dresser and started to pull out drawers, searching for something to wear to bed while having his quite attractive cousin in the same room. Typically he only slept in boxers, and quite often here recently he even slept nude, but neither of those really seemed like appropriate ideas. After a few minutes he finally decided on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, nothing inappropriate about those.

Holding them up in a gesture towards the bathroom he offered Abby a smile, “Just let me get dressed and I’ll make up a bed on the floor for me”.

Before she could speak Arnold made his way into the bathroom and once more closed the door behind him, careful to lock it as always. As he set the clothes down he leaned on the sink counter, glaring at himself in the mirror. He wasn’t sure what his younger cousin was wearing on her lower half, but the upper half was only covered by a large t-shirt, and even it had fallen to the side, not only revealing the entirety of her shoulder, but also that the bra straps that were previously there, were now gone. Yet again he forced himself to gather his composure and push Abby out of his mind while he pulled on his clothes. For a second time he opened the bathroom door to leave, this time flipping the light off as he stepped into his room, closing the door behind him in case his sister decided to use the bathroom.

“You really don’t have to sleep on the floor Arny, it isn’t like the bed isn’t big enough”, she said, patting the bed beside herself and giggling a little.

Arnold scowled a bit hearing the nickname he’d long hoped she’d forgotten from their childhood, “It’s Arnold, and I really doubt mom or Uncle Matt would like us sleeping in the same bed”.

“Why? We’re related, it’s not like it’s weird. Plus if my dad cared that much he should have put us in a hotel anyways, I told him I wanted an indoor pool to swim in”, she protested.

“Abby I just don’t think -”, he started.

“Not arguing Arnold”, she said, emphasizing his name, “Turn off the light and come on”.

His mouth opened to continue his persistence, but Arnold quickly found himself at a loss for words as Abby pulled the blanket over to reveal the bed beside her, as well as a little more. Instantly Arnold’s eyes locked onto his cousin’s exposed leg, the shirt barely covering the top half of her thigh. He still wasn’t confident he knew what she was wearing on her bottom half, but whatever it was didn’t hide very much.

Deciding it wasn’t worth fighting about Arnold made sure his door was pushed shut and flipped off the lightswitch, moving himself to the bed and climbing in beside Abby. He pulled the covers up over him and laid on his back, careful to be on the very edge as to not touch her or do anything that might freak her out. On the inside though, Arnold himself was freaking out. In the darkness, staring up at the ceiling, there was nothing to distract his mind, there was nothing to keep his imagination occupied other than the thought of whether or not her panties earlier actually matched the rest of her, and if she was still wearing them now, or any panties at all. Five minutes. Ten minutes. What felt like hours passed as he laid there, his mind’s eye throwing up image after image of his cousin and forcing his dick to throb under his cotton pants.

“Do you ever miss hanging out with me”, she asked, causing Arnold to almost jump out of the bed in surprise.

“Of course”, he said matter-of-factly.

“No I mean like, really miss it”, she started, rolling onto her side to face him and holding her head up on her hand, “We used to hang out like everyday, like every single day”.

Yeah, and then you guys moved and you stopped ever coming down”, Arnold said, though he refused to look at her, determined that staying on his back and staring at the ceiling would aide his internal struggle.

Hey, it’s not my fault my mom won’t ever let my Dad have me on the holidays. I’m lucky I get to spend any time with him at all, she’s a bitch”, Abby snarled.

Arnold chuckled a bit but couldn’t think of anything to say. Abby’s mom wasn’t the greatest in the world, but he thought bitch was a bit harsh, though he knew with his limited female experience it was better not to disagree.

Abby giggled and gave Arnold’s chest a small nudge with her hand, “I can remember forcing you to play house and doctor when I was like eight… Oh man I was such a dork when I was a kid”.

All kids are dorks, that’s what makes them kids”, Arnold clarified.

Yeah but I was like suuuuper dorky. I mean who thinks that being a doctor is just about giving shots and poking people in random places until they wake up and feel better?”, she asked sarcastically.

Well I doubt any eight year old really knows anything about being a doctor”, Arnold answered.

True. I still think sometimes about actually trying to be one you know”.

A doctor?”

Yeah, I mean I only have one semester left of high school, I’m gonna have to decide on something, right?”

I suppose. Guess I was just too worried about girls and getting a car to care much when I was in school”.

Doctor or actress, I think either of those would be fine. I mean afterall I have to be rich!”

Arnold chuckled again and finally found the courage to look at her. He kept his back firmly planted on the bed, but turned his head enough on his pillow to find her silhouette in the darkness.

Maybe I need to go back to practicing being a doctor hmm?”, she started before beginning to poke Arnold in random places along his chest and arms. “Does it hurt here? Here? Maybe here? Right there?”, she giggled as she prodded at him.

Cut it out!”, Arnold exclaimed, trying to cover himself and block her pokes.

The poking continued however for a good thirty seconds or so. Continuous constant poking, until suddenly it stopped. Abby’s mouth was slightly open and her eyebrows raised, a definite look of surprise on her face. Instantly Arnold felt his heart begin to race.

Are you…hard?”, she asked, flashing her eyes towards his crotch as she ended the question.

W-What, come on-, no way!”, he scoffed, trying to brush her off.

You totally are!”, she exclaimed, giving his arm a firm slap, “You pervert!”.

I’m not….hard”, he argued.

Oh please, I don’t care how long I’ve been gone, you still can’t lie worth a damn”, she pointed out.

Yet again Arnold didn’t get a chance to respond. He didn’t have a chance to do much of anything except stare at his cousin wide-eyed. Within a split second of finishing her sentence she had reached across the bed like a snake striking at a mouse and gripped his erect cock.

Wow Arny….I’ve changed that much huh?”, she asked, still holding firmly onto his erection through his pants.

It’s not that….I mean well, not like that it’s just…”he stammered, taking a minute to collect his thoughts, “It’s been a long time Abby”.

Slowly she started to stroke on him, the warm cotton sliding easily along his shaft, “I suppose you have gotten quite cute over the years too”.

Uhh…Abby?”, Arnold asked hesitantly.

She didn’t answer, instead like a seasoned pro Abby released her grip, slid her hand up and under his pants, and gripped again, this time skin on skin, all in one motion before slowly stroking again. Any fight Arnold might have had in him quickly melted away as his eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned loudly. Almost as if he’d thrown gasoline on a fire, what had started as a slow stroking immediately exploded into her pumping quickly on his cock.

His head thrust back and his teeth clenched, every ounce of him wanting to scream with how amazing it felt, but knowing not to in order to avoid being caught. Instead he held his teeth together tight and forced his eyes open, staring into his cousin’s beautiful eyes as she stroked up and down on his dick.

C-c-careful Abby or….oh god”, he paused to let out a loud moan, “careful or I’ll cum”.

That’s exactly what I want you to do”, she said, the confidence in her voice spilling over as she continued to move her hand up and down faster and faster.

That edging moment came and went faster than a hummingbird’s wings and almost before she could finish saying that’s what she wanted he did. His hips thrusted up, forcing his back to arch as once again his eyes and mouth clenched shut, his orgasm taking over at this point. His dick throbbed in perfect unison with her hand, forcing free a thick stream of cum everytime she stroked upwards. Over and over he moaned, his dick pulsed, and cum forced free, covering his dick and her hand, and even soaking a spot in his pants.

Finally she moved her hand all the way down, gripped hard on his base and tugged upward, milking every last drop of cum free before pulling her hand out from under his pants.

That was…wow”, Arnold exclaimed through broken breaths.

Glad I could help”, Abby responded, giggling a bit as she climbed out of the bed.

Yeah, of course, thank you”, he said, following her lead as he too threw the blanket off and got up.

As if it was a completely normal occurrence both of them made their way to their respective places to take care of clean up. Abby made her way into the bathroom, rinsing off her hand before letting Arnold head in after her. Part of him wanted to leave the door open, to let her see what she had just had in her hand, unfortunately though he was still a bit shy at the idea of letting her see him naked and instead opted to close the door as he wiped off his cock and changed from sweats into shorts.

He re-entered the bedroom, and though he already didn’t expect in a million years his cousin would give him a handjob, he didn’t expect in a trillion years to see her laying on his bed atop the covers, legs spread wide, and her completely shaved pussy glistening from the light of the bathroom.

Your turn”, Abby said, a huge smile on her face.